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Mirindas asesinas | 1991 | dir. Álex de la Iglesia

Álex de la Iglesia is one of the best Spanish directors, well-known for his critical and grotesque films. His fetish actor and main character of this shortfilm, Álex Angulo, recently died in a car accident. From here, we would like to honor him with the final image of the first work of both film workers together.

Watch it here. (In Spanish)

- Intern Alba (neverthejedi)


The FIFF is finally here! $1000 Cash Prize… Submit now!

Submission requirements:

  • Short films only
  • Film requirements: 12 minutes or less 
  • Still of final image (graphic requirements) synopsis (50 words max) 
  • Filmmaker details/contact 
  • One submission per film
  • URL access with password 
  • Any completion date but must be less than 2 years to qualify for a prize
  • Any language (subbed to Eng) no particular emphasis on the final image necessary
  • Submissions open until September 15, 2014

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