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Back in 2010, I made a film about the Hastings Pier fire. In early 2014 I decided to review my footage and remake the film with the help of other people’s clips (of the fire itself).

The aim this time around was to create a visual poem which expressed the loss and hope of an iconic part of the British seaside.

(Source: joe-gilbert)

JustUs | 2011 |  Dir. by Lori Bowen | Length: 6:00

In “JustUs,” questions of morality and justice collide when a woman named Joanne drives home on a beautiful summer day after capturing the man responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and eleven other women when he is released from custody on a technicality.

The film’s emotionally ambiguous ending asks the viewer to decide for themselves what Joanne’s final feelings are and asks the question, “What is justice when there’s JustUs?”

Watch it [HERE].

The Poodle Trainer | 2010 | Dir. Vance Malone | Length: 7:43

Irina Markova is a Russian poodle trainer with an undeniably innate ability in what she does. In this intimate documentary, we meet the woman behind the show. The life lessons, losses, and loves that brought her to where she is now.

Watch it [HERE]

Filmmaker 411: New Links!

It’s that time again - we’ve got a good bit of updates for you this week over at the 411…

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Filmmakers, head over to the 411 for full descriptions + more helpful links!

Screenwriters, this one’s for you…

Struggling with that fight scene? Have no fear! The Final Image has your back with our latest Filmmaker 411 addition.

How to Fight Write : this Tumblr blog accepts questions + provides in-depth explanations about any and all aspects of physical combat to help you create scenes and characters grounded in reality [HERE]

What screenwriting resources are your favorites?

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