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This week, The ImageMaker takes an in-depth look at the incredible BAFTA Guru Series…

Filmmakers, get your hard hats ready because we’re about to hit a goldmine of information. Always a reliable source of media news, the fine folks over at BAFTA have stepped up their indie film game with their inspirational Guru website. 
There are a few ways to navigate through the wealth of knowledge featured here, so we’ll break it down by category… 

[PEOPLEAn impressive collection of articles and videos where filmmakers discuss the art of their craft. This alphabetically browsable database features enlightening interviews, lectures, Q+A’s, and career retrospectives from both major names and indie filmmakers.
[STRANDFind yourself interested in a particular style of article? Browse here for a collection of  filmmakers featured in each series…
Academy Lectures | Big Questions | Conversations | Masterclasses | Screening Q+A’s | Topical Debates

[CRAFTThis section focuses in on the various positions of production, providing you with video, audio, and text articles having to do with the aspect of filmmaking that interests you.
Acting | Animation | Cinematography | Costume+Makeup | Directing | Docs+Factual | Editing | FX+Design |Games | Producing | Screenwriting | Sound+Music

[SHORTSShort filmmakers rejoice, we have arrived at the Promised Land! Seriously. Check it out. All of it.
Top Tips for Short Filmmakers | Shorts Festivals+Competitions | Watch BAFTA-winning Shorts

[EXECSInterested in breaking into television? Watch, listen, and learn as those who have conquered the road to TV success teach you how to stand out and make an impact.

[BLOGFeaturing tips, how-to’s, practical advice, and so much more, the official GURU Blog covers a wide range of creative and film-specific topics for your learning pleasure.
And there you have it fellow ImageMakers, our roadmap to a site that keeps on giving. Find these sites + more in our ever-growing filmmaker resource archives. Don’t forget to check back soon for more filmmaking finds!

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How did Eren Celeboglu get Zach Braff to star in his first short film? 

In the months leading up to our short film festival (submissions now welcome!), The Final Image will be talking to filmmakers both inside and out of the industry, amateurs and professionals who have made their own short films while pursuing feature film work.

This week, we got in touch with Eren Celeboglu, a writer and director who got his chops working on the beloved NBC sitcom Scrubs. After majoring in English and creative writing at Hobart College, Eren moved to Los Angeles where he worked in the mailroom of a boutique literary agency that represented writers and directors. After getting work for a motion picture literary agent, Eren began to understand the day-to-day business of screenwriting, watching writers deliver scripts they had been paid for or listening to them pitch over the phone to his boss. “I thought to myself, I can do that,” he says.

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